It's raining, it's pouring....

Instead of looking for the perfect wicker snack basket, I am now looking for an ark. Preferably used, with low mileage, and able to house no more than my family of 5 and 2 dogs. I have had enough of my neighbors and I would like to gracefully say "No, I'm sorry, no more room!" with a big grin and a straight face.

No, seriously, it has rained for three straight days, with no visible end in sight. "Well, I won't have to water the grass for at least two weeks!" the Pollyannas say. Well screw you, Polly, I'm stuck here with three obnoxious adorable children, and I've had enough. I'm beginning to invent tasks (like knitting something) in order to avoid the obvious ones that are staring at me, like laundry and actual housework.

I have, however, surfed blog after blog, which I highly recommend - just pick a link and wander, it's amazing what you'll find. I've found crafts I wished I had made, people on the verge of getting an adoption referral, old friends that I thought I had lost, and things I didn't know I wanted and now will be mercilessly trolling eBay for. (Seriously, I need that pie carrier. Imagine the envy of the other t-ball moms!)

Now to surf to find the way that the old man actually slept well enough during a thunderstorm to snore - anyone have a good link for an overnight nanny service?

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Sarah said...

A pie carrier! No, you wouldn't? Would you? Take that, perfect moms, my friend is the perfect mom, she's got a pie carrier! (:

xox S