Now Serving Table 6

There are things that you would think that might be the bane of my existence. Bats, perhaps. But I'll let you in on a little secret - the bane of my existence is dinner.

No really. It's dinner.

It's not so much the actual food of dinner that drives me crazy, nor, in all honestly, the family around the table part. Although, around the 40th "Why did the cow cross the road" joke, it comes pretty close. (For some inexplicable reason, this is what dinner winds up as at my house, and a refined sense of humor is clearly not in my children's genetic code.)

It's the decision of what to have. I would (almost) rather personally wrestle the bats out of my attic than make a decision on what to make for dinner. (Not that there are bats, per say, but I think you get the idea.) And it's not that I have horribly picky eaters, everyone will pretty much eat something that goes with the main dish, if not the main dish itself.

But heavens to Betsy, the picking is likely to kill me. We have designated nights for pizza (Friday) and spaghetti (Sunday), but the other 5 nights are dreadful. Do we grill something? Order something? (Almost always no, we live in restaurant wasteland, I tell you) Meat? No Meat? Will the kids eat that? Will my husband? Do I even have that?

Just shoot me.

I've tried those places where you make 478 meals that you freeze in advance. I've tried menu planning for the week so that I only have to make the decision once. I've even tried buying food daily so that I have what I need. They have all ended the same way - unidentifiable science projects in the freezer/frig/cabinet that get tossed some unspeakable time later, while I stand there, gap-mouthed, trying to find something to eat.

So I've come up with a new plan. We're going to have people bring us dinner every night. May take some moving around, since I hear other neighborhoods are pretty generous with their residents, but I'm sure selling the house once a month won't be too troublesome.

Line up, guys, who's up first? And just so you know, we've already grilled, had chicken, and can't have spaghetti until Sunday.


ali said...

ROFL Susan! Dinner? Really? Life seems so much better now, thanks!

ali said...

Oh yeah, did you see I tagged you on my blog? Just a little game, if you want to play!

April said...

Do people really sit down at 6 with a meal that includes a main dish, veggie, salad and dessert?

I loathe making dinner when I have nothing planned. I'm not creative and if I don't already have an idea of what I'm making then I just don't cook, lol. We end up eating, or rather the kids, end up eating nuggets/hotdogs.. Eek!

Michelle said...

Hmm, maybe I should be grateful that my kids only eat fish sticks, tater tots and mandarin oranges. Less worry about what to make. As for me & the hubby, I've been feeling to crappy to cook anyway, so it's a lot of pizza & Chinese take out. I used to do a menu plan for the week, but that fell by the wayside somewhere in the 3rd week of this pregnancy.

shana said...

Ditto. What you said. Yeah, that.*

*me no likey din-din either ;)

Kristen said...

It may/not help you to know, but this HAS to be genetic. I have the same dread, have tried the same things, and have thrown out what I am sure are v. similar science projects. And that is just for 2! GAAH